Marijuana legalized states

Survey Results on the Legalization of Cannabis in the US

I recently wrote an article on the “Legalization of Cannabis in the USA”, and the feedback I received from this survey is highly interesting.
Abstract from my Article: (here are just a few answers and may give you insight as to how the public feel)

“I just wanted to get an idea of how many people actually smoke Cannabis out there? Feel free to be as honest as possible and don’t hold back!.”


MIKE: “Do what you like, as long as I don’t have to smell or pay for any of your healthcare, if I do, then make it illegal. Of course, the day it becomes legal in the USA, we’ll have tax hikes everywhere. Pot, hashish, and any other illegal drugs; AGAINST. Regardless of whatever junk science you and others who do feel the same way, throw at me, I have the advantage of seeing it destroy several people from a first-hand perspective. There is a good reason why it is illegal. It always, ALWAYS, leads to something else, harder and more addictive.”

R MOORE: “I am sitting on the fence on this one and not quite as adament as Mike. You asked for it Free Wheelan so you will get it. Everywhere you go today people smoke regularly and a lot of the time, out in the open. It is not considered a major deal by many and it is by many others. Had to read this as you lured me in with your heading, “Don’t hold back now”. Will check back on this later on to see how many other replies you get.”

KEVIN: “Mike indicates that it always leads to something else, harder and more addictive. 35+ years for me and I have not gone onto anything else, harder or more addictive. Personally I think the most addictive drug out there should be illegal. Cigarettes. Never smoked them and never will.

I have known many people who have ruined their lives as a result of drugs. However, if it wasn’t drugs it probably would have been alcohol, gambling or some other destructive behavior. Some have a destructive streak in them.
Cannabis is just plain, not a getaway drug. Sad that the Government has refused to any studies whatsoever. I think that Cannabis has significant medical uses. Specifically with Glaucoma or Chemotherapy. I know several people that have used it in helping with naused due to Chemo.

legalise marijuana

Not to mention that Cannabis has many other uses such as clothing, rope, oil, paper, etc… Sad that corporate America has prevented it’s beneficial uses along with the wacko war on drugs.”

CHARLES: “One reason that Cannabis sometimes leads to other illegal substances (while alcohol rarely does) is that once you have smoked dope you are already over the line, breaking the law. If pot and hash were legal, that wouldn’t be the case.

Alcohol ruins far more lives than Cannabis, but we know what happens when we make it legal. The cost is higher than the benefit. I’d venture that the same is true of pot.”

LIZ: “Well, well, well. I certainly used to smoke. (can I assume that we are not discussing tobacco products here at all?) I say legalize all drugs, tax and regulate them. All of them!.”

JANET: “I have never smoked anything, much less pot. I never will smoke either and I don’t allow anyone to smoke in my house or in my yard.”

JODY: “Dang Janet, you are a buzz killer, I bet your little kitty hits catnip! I think if they were to legalize pot, taxes would decrease, and twinkies sales would skyrocket.”

TONY: “Legalize it. At the very least, decriminilize it. Other drugs? Hell no. Meth and Coke? HEROIN? Screw that. Those need to remail illegal. And yes, I speak from experience…………”

SANDY: “I like your name. Does that tell you enough? Seriously, I smoke cigarettes but will probably smoke something better soon (if only to get the kids off my back). I carry several chronic pain diagnosis for which Doctors have tried to force dangerous, synthhic drugs on me……..”

TONIA: “I say – legalize it! I’ve known a number of people who live with chronic painful conditions, and pot has given them more relief than anything else. It seems really stupid to me that this Government is pours so much money into fighting drugs when really the sensible thing to do is to legalize and regulate them.”

TONY S: “Not to mention the “War on Drugs” is yet another failed…21 years I think? And counting….not a bit of progress made. But I’m sure if we ask Bush, he’ll tell us about the “Good Progress” we’re making in that war, just like….well, ya know….that other one.”

This is a few answers that I received on the survey to Legalize Cannabis. I myself, “Free Wheelan”, am author of THE GIG (hashish cookies) and personally found the outcome very different that expected. So, what is your take on the the legalization of cannabis?


Marijuana could able to give you the best result from inside your body

In those times you have to bare all the pains and the suffering physically and mentally. Days passed now with the help of the latest and fast growing technological support everything is possible. With its help you can able to get the fast relief from the pain and this would be helpful for you to regain all your energy back. The marijuana is one of the most common drug that had been used in many places directly and indirectly to get the pleasure and happiness.

Why marijuana should be legal in all the places? Many may think only its negative side so they failed to look over the positive side and fail to get its benefits. If all want to get the full benefits then it must be legally sold then only many could able to buy them. The cannabinoids content present inside the marijuana would interact inside your body and this is helpful for you to get cured easily within a short span of time.

It gives you an amazing feel inside your body

Many may get addicted to the tobacco and the other type of the drugs. In that case it would be so risk for them to get rid from that. If that is the problem then in that case they can make use of the marijuana which is also a type of the drug that contains the tobacco and the alcohol content with the benefits.

You can inhale the marijuana and this would react in the bloodstreams and last for four hours and it is used in the treatments. You can also make use of the pipes and the other machines to smoke it and enjoy the fun.

  • This can also be taken in the form of the vaporization and can be inhaled.

  • You can also use them by keeping it under your tongue.

All this would give you happy mood with the fewer side effects. This all acts as like the plus points that why marijuana should be legal.